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How To Stand Apart in a Conversation

Article of ArtOfManliness.com about how to behave in a conversation. Written in 1692, but still true today. In today’s world I feel that regaining the virtues of a gentlemen is very worthwhile and can set you apart both in business and private. Let us honor our ancestors by rediscovering the virtues of civilized character and manners.


  • Don’t lie or come near to it “Lying is a great offense against humanity itself; for where there is no regard to truth there can be no safe society between man and man …”
  • Be soft spoken, never interrupt, get loud or reproachful
  • Listen a lot, talk a little “lest you rob yourself at the opportunity to gain knowledge, wisdom, and experience by listening to those whom you silence by your “impertinent talking.””

Lessons Learned

  • The way you communicate reflects strongly on your character.


  • How can you polish your manners in order to be a pleasure to communicate with?

TED: How Boredom Can Lead To Your Most Brilliant Idea

Lessons Learned

  • Focus on being bored occasionally!


TED Talk from Manoush Zomorodi about Boredom: Science proves that we are most innovative when we are bored. Combine this with a generation which has always access to “smart”phone and a workplace where being always busy is a batch of honor and you see a huge problem, a whole generation and workforce with limited ability to solve problems creatively. Keep on reading…


Breadcrumbs are links I collected over a certain time. This time there are articles about sleep deprival, AI, feeding the elderly and more. For some reasons I don’t want to write a Quick Link or a Valuable Input about them but still feel that they are worth sharing.


Focusing of Blog

The difference between successful and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost anything.

Warren Buffet

Hey Guys!

Because of an Input from my coach I decided to narrow down the scope of this blog. In future this blog will focus on: Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. What is missing, what is too much?

PS: I really like the new design, what do you think?