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Design Thinking Exploration

Article from Creativity at Work explores design thinking and how to use it for innovation.

Lessons Learned

  • Focus on solutions, not problems
  • Design means creating a better future
  • We often design without being aware, e.g. strategy, negotiations
  • Teach people, especially with customer contact, about design thinking


  • Where do you design in your every day life?
  • What is your most important lesson for design?


TED: How Boredom Can Lead To Your Most Brilliant Idea

Lessons Learned

  • Focus on being bored occasionally!


TED Talk from Manoush Zomorodi about Boredom: Science proves that we are most innovative when we are bored. Combine this with a generation which has always access to “smart”phone and a workplace where being always busy is a batch of honor and you see a huge problem, a whole generation and workforce with limited ability to solve problems creatively. Keep on reading…


Breadcrumbs are links I collected over a certain time. This time there are articles about sleep deprival, AI, feeding the elderly and more. For some reasons I don’t want to write a Quick Link or a Valuable Input about them but still feel that they are worth sharing.


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How to Write a Great Product Requirement Document


How-to Article of Silicon Valley Product Group by Martin Cagan. Explains steps to write and manage a good PRD and common pitfalls, highly relevant especially for entrepreneurs and product managers.

Lessons Learned

  • Writing a PRD is central to develop a good product, therefore use a lot of effort
  • Fewer features lead to more use of the important ones, which then seems more powerful to customers
  • Customer is usually much less tolerant to complexity. Don’t think that you are your customer!

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