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The Power of Believing in Others

This post of my favorite blog Leadershipfreak speaks about believe in people. Believe in someone is the most important gift of a leader, and the opposite of micromanagement.

Those who change us believe in us.

Dan Rockwell, Leadership Freak


To summarize, let’s look at three action steps:

  1. Rely on someone today.
  2. Demonstrate confidence today. Ask someone who knows more and then go with their answer.
  3. Respect someone today by acknowleding their strengths.

Lessons Learned

  • Believe in others if you want people to believe in you.


  • Who did you believe in you? How did they change your life?
  • Who can you believe in?
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Facebook’s AI Helps to Save Lives

After posting a lot about the dangers and pitfalls of AI recently, it’s time for some good news: Facebook is using AI technology to actually serve humans – the way it should be. This article of fastcompany explains how Facebook is proactively using AI to help suicide prevention. The system identifies new posts or videos with potential suicide threats and automatically sends them to community operations. To make their AI and their response team more efficient, Facebook is working together with suicide prevention experts.

Lessons Learned


  • What other use cases are there for AI to help people in danger?
  • How else can AI help suicidal people?
  • How can you personally help people in your surrounding which might have suicidal thoughts?