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Design Thinking Exploration

Article from Creativity at Work explores design thinking and how to use it for innovation.

Lessons Learned

  • Focus on solutions, not problems
  • Design means creating a better future
  • We often design without being aware, e.g. strategy, negotiations
  • Teach people, especially with customer contact, about design thinking


  • Where do you design in your every day life?
  • What is your most important lesson for design?


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How to Write a Great Product Requirement Document


How-to Article of Silicon Valley Product Group by Martin Cagan. Explains steps to write and manage a good PRD and common pitfalls, highly relevant especially for entrepreneurs and product managers.

Lessons Learned

  • Writing a PRD is central to develop a good product, therefore use a lot of effort
  • Fewer features lead to more use of the important ones, which then seems more powerful to customers
  • Customer is usually much less tolerant to complexity. Don’t think that you are your customer!

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Focusing of Blog

The difference between successful and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost anything.

Warren Buffet

Hey Guys!

Because of an Input from my coach I decided to narrow down the scope of this blog. In future this blog will focus on: Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. What is missing, what is too much?

PS: I really like the new design, what do you think?