My Name is Peppino Durizzo and I am extremely curious!

And my creativity works by recombining existing ideas – which means that all this input is like Lego blocks for my brain – the more I have the more I can build!

So I spend a lot of time reading articles, blogs, wikis, how-tos, reviews, books and so on. If I find something useful, I store it for future reference, usually with a small summary. This work can benefit you – so in this blog I will share my private vault of inputs.

A short introduction: I live in Zürich, Switzerland, hold a bachelor degree both in business administration and mechanical engineering and am a co-founder of Plantsetter.com. I am dedicated to realize visions and to develop my surroundings and myself and am very interested in innovation, leadership and ethics. In my free time I am passionate about self-improvement, traveling and Filipino Martial Arts.

If you are interested in writing for this blog, please contact me!