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Six Step Framework to Solve Problems

This article of describes a simple framework for solving problems which apparently the infamous Elon Musk uses. It’s actually quite simple  and easy to summarize:

  1. Ask the underlying question, not just the easiest one to answer
  2. Collect evidence and information
  3. Develop a hypotheses based on the evidence and assign a probability for it
  4. Draw a conclusion
  5. Try to disprove this conclusion
  6. Work with the conclusion

While this is basic scientific thinking, the value comes from doing this deliberately. By starting on step 3 immediately we miss important opportunities which could even lead to disruptive innovation.

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Lessons Learned

  • Use frameworks deliberately to seemingly obvious situations to reach excellence.


  • How can we judge if we should use this framework or if it an overkill?
  • Which framework helps you to excel?
  • Where could this framework help you excel?


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