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How To Stand Apart in a Conversation

Article of about how to behave in a conversation. Written in 1692, but still true today. In today’s world I feel that regaining the virtues of a gentlemen is very worthwhile and can set you apart both in business and private. Let us honor our ancestors by rediscovering the virtues of civilized character and manners.


  • Don’t lie or come near to it “Lying is a great offense against humanity itself; for where there is no regard to truth there can be no safe society between man and man …”
  • Be soft spoken, never interrupt, get loud or reproachful
  • Listen a lot, talk a little “lest you rob yourself at the opportunity to gain knowledge, wisdom, and experience by listening to those whom you silence by your “impertinent talking.””

Lessons Learned

  • The way you communicate reflects strongly on your character.


  • How can you polish your manners in order to be a pleasure to communicate with?


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