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Calm Technology for Staying Human


Article/video by mind the product from Amber Case sharing a framework how to design products to improve our quality of life by making them more calm and relaxed instead of hectic. Technology should work alongside us and not take over our lives.

Lessons Learned

  • Focus on quality of life of users while developing products

Main Points

The concept is originally from Xerox PARC with the following main points:

  • Technology shouldn’t require all of our attention
  • Technology should empower the periphery (only notice when there is a problem)
  • Technology should inform and calm
  • Technology should amplify the best of Technology and the best of humanity.

Amber’s Framework further adds on this framework:

  • Technology can communicate but doesn’t need to speak
  • Technology has to consider social norms
  • The right amount of technology is the minimum amount to solve the problem
  • Technology should make he use of near and the far
  • Technology should work even when it fails (graceful degradation, think at escalators)

Amber’s final advice is to put our phones on airplane mode by default, which is quite disruptive by itself, right?


  • Which products improve your quality of life and/or help to calm down and focus?
  • Which products decrease your quality of life and/or make you more hectic and distracted?
  • Which products helps you to focus on relationships and family?
  • Do you put your phone on airplane mode on default for one week?



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