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TED: How Boredom Can Lead To Your Most Brilliant Idea

Lessons Learned

  • Focus on being bored occasionally!


TED Talk from Manoush Zomorodi about Boredom: Science proves that we are most innovative when we are bored. Combine this with a generation which has always access to “smart”phone and a workplace where being always busy is a batch of honor and you see a huge problem, a whole generation and workforce with limited ability to solve problems creatively.

This drove me to download AppUsage a free app to track how much we use our phone (any tracking app will do). Apparently I average 2.32 hours per day, a lot of it is calling and WhatsApp. At least I don’t use Facebook frequently. It also inspired me to go for a quick walk from time to time, or just watch out of the window in the train. It really seems to work!


  • How much do you use your smartphone?
  • How can you get bored more often?
  • How can you help other people to be bored more often?

Related: Eye opening video of Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace.


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