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How To Correct Your Posture


Posture corrector I use which seems to be useful, but is a bit uncomfortable. 4.5/5

Lessons Learned

  • There is hope for my posture!


A couple of weeks ago I was training in a forest with a Filipino Martial Arts Master and friend of mine, Jefferson Panes. He noticed my bad posture (not a first, sadly) and gave me his own posture corrector ( & affiliate links, German one is cheaper). He basically ordered me to buy one and wear it straight for one year. I was able to feel muscle soreness in my back after a short training with this on, so I decided to learn more.

My research showed that this correcot should be effective, since it’s not a flexible one ( affiliate link, I don’t recommend this though). Apparently the flexible correctors can lead to your muscle getting weaker, since it “supports” them. The rigid one I wear right now forces me to sit straight, so my back muscles have to do the work themselves (I am not a medical professional, no guarantees that this is an accurate description). I asked a physiotherapist friend to be sure, and she said she wants one as well.

The wearing is quite uncomfortable, especially in the beginning. I really feel my posture improved though, especially while sitting. Recently I was not wearing it for some days (please don’t tell my teacher), and the posture felt still improved. I wear the corrector under a shirt on bare skin in the office, it is not noticeable, or at least nobody said something. In the meantime I ordered a second one, because quite frankly they begin to smell after some time. Also I ordered five more for friends & family.

PS: doesn’t deliver this product to Switzerland. I got it by asking a German friend to pick it up.

Product Rating

4.5/5 (useful, but a bit uncomfortable)


  • What do you do for your posture?
  • Do you like the new product category?
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