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AI in Marketing

Article about AI in Marketing with fascinating ideas on Content Marketing Institute. 8 ways AI can be (and sometimes is!) included in modern marketing:

  • AI enhanced PPC (Pay per Click) advertising (see Albert)
  • Personalized website experience
  • AI-powered content creation (e.g. emails, personalized reports)
  • Content-creation chatbots
  • Intelligent (personalized!) email content curation
  • Churn prediction and smart customer engagement (e.g. content for disengaged users)
  • AI-powered customer insights (e.g. help with customer segmentation, better customer-product matching)
  • Automated image recognition (for better sync between store visits and online content

AI is really disrupting a lot of industries and jobs, we need to learn how to work together with AI. Interesting TED talk about this by Garry Kasparov: Don’t fear intelligent machines, work with them.

Lessons Learned

AI is disrupting, better jump on the train early!


  • How is your company using AI?
  • How could your company start using AI today?
  • How is/will AI help in your job?
  • How can you start using AI today?


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