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How MOOCs can Increase Your Performance


edX ( offers awesome courses.

Lessons Learned

MOOC can help job performance and to realize constant self-improvement.


Three months ago I started to work as trainee project manager. Soon it was clear that we need MS Project. So I asked to get access to it, and promised I would learn how to work with it.

Next I did an online course at an MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in ms project at This allowed me to not only be able to deliver results, but to improve standard and include new “must have” into presentations within approximately 2 weeks. At the same I got a certificate for “managing projects with ms project” from Microsoft at Linkedin. Paid 99 dollar for that, without certification you can get it for free. Pretty sweet, no?

This and other courses are helping me tremendously in my job and in Plantsetter. Right now im making a course in digital product management, which can together with other courses lead even to a Micro Master Degree, which gives you credit points for a “real” master.


edX: Very high quality, courses mainly for professional skills. Highly recommended.

Coursera: Wider range of courses, cheaper (especially if you learn fast), quality and needed effort seems lower than edX.(This course in Data Analytics in Excel and Power Point from PWC rocks!). Recommended for quickly picking up a more general skill, e.g. business writing.

Udacity: Didn’t try this one, probably tries to directly disrupt “normal” master degrees, focused strongly on coding/engineering. Quality looks high, interesting where this will go in future.


  • How do you improve every day?
  • What is your favorite learning source?


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