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A new blog begins & Gallup Strengthfinder


I will share Input with you guys, because this is a strength of me. Strengthfinder Test (20$, ca. 45 minutes).(20$, ca. 45 minutes) to find your strengths.

Lessons Learned

Everyone has strengths! So learn how to use them for yourself and your surroundings.

Welcome Reader!

I am surprised that you found your way to this blog. This is a trial phase, to see if I will continue this blog and where it will lead.

The plan is rather simple: I love reading through books, articles, thoughts, ideas, product reviews, you get the picture.┬áSince I already collect the ones which seem valuable, I could very simply post the same ones (with pretty much same description/summary/comment I make for myself) here. This is the plan, let’s see what the future will bring.

To give you the first Input: my desire to collect information is due to the fact, that my first theme of Gallup Strengthfinder is … Input. Gallup Strengthfinder is a very good way to find out where you have (hidden) strengths, I can recommend doing the Strengthfinder Test (20$, ca. 45 minutes).

Here you can find a short description of the Input Theme.


What are your experiences with strength-based self-improvement? How do you like to develop your strengths?

Best regards,



Dedicated to realize visions and to develop my surroundings and myself. Co-founder of and founder of Background in Management and Mechanical Engineering.

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